What is brain tumour

What is brain tumour?
What is brain tumour?

A brain tumor is a type of cancer that develops within the brain, an organ protected by the skull’s bony structure. The brain is enveloped by three delicate membranes called meninges, along with cerebrospinal fluid, which provides cushioning and protection. This fluid flows through spaces within the brain called ventricles and also surrounds the spinal cord.

The brain orchestrates various bodily functions, both voluntary actions like walking and talking, as well as involuntary functions like breathing and heart pumping. Additionally, it governs our senses, emotions, memory, and personality.

Understanding Brain Tumors:

In normal conditions, healthy cells grow and divide in an orderly manner, replacing old or damaged cells. However, cancer occurs when cells proliferate uncontrollably, forming a mass of tissue known as a tumor. Brain tumors can be either benign or malignant.

Benign Brain Tumors: These tumors remain confined to the brain and have well-defined boundaries. However, if they grow large enough, they can pose a threat by increasing pressure within the brain or compressing vital structures. Treatment usually involves surgical removal, with a favorable prognosis.

Malignant Brain Tumors: These tumors are life-threatening and invade healthy brain tissue. Unlike other cancers that spread to distant parts of the body, malignant brain tumors typically remain localized within the brain and spinal cord. Some benign tumors can be considered malignant if they affect critical areas.

Primary and Secondary Brain Tumors:

Primary Brain Tumors: Originating within the brain, these tumors are classified based on the cell type or brain region they arise from. Gliomas, which stem from glial cells, are the most common type. Examples include astrocytoma, brain stem glioma, ependymoma, and oligodendroglioma. Other types include medulloblastoma, meningioma, schwannoma, craniopharyngioma, and germ cell tumors.

Secondary Brain Tumors: Also known as metastatic brain tumors, these arise from cancer cells that spread to the brain from other parts of the body, such as the lungs or breasts. They are more common than primary brain tumors.

The exact cause of brain tumors is unknown, and treatment options vary depending on tumor type, stage, and individual health. Your doctor will recommend a suitable treatment plan based on these factors.