What is Bhakti Yoga

What is Bhakti Yoga

What is Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga, also known as devotional yoga, is a path that deepens one’s devotion, love, and service towards the Divine Power, often referred to as God. Chanting mantras is a common practice in Bhakti yoga to enhance concentration and establish a connection with God.

This yoga path encourages complete surrender to God, breaking down the ego and nurturing selfless love within oneself. Bhakti yoga is structured around nine principles:



This principle involves listening to poems, stories, and songs related to God and His divine work. To practice Sravana Bhakti, one listens to narratives about God from a holy preacher or spiritual teacher.


This principle revolves around singing and chanting poems and songs dedicated to the divine works of God. Ram Dass, a prominent religious preacher, strongly advocated for this principle, asserting that the name of God instills peace and love in one’s heart.


This principle emphasizes remembering God at all times and before engaging in any activity. It acknowledges the omnipresence of God, highlighting that His presence can be felt everywhere and at all times.


This principle of Bhakti yoga demonstrates dedication and love towards the Almighty by serving others, particularly the poor and sick.


This principle involves worshiping God in various forms, such as idols, pictures, or any other representation. Through this practice of Bhakti yoga, the heart is purified and cleansed, facilitating a closer connection with the divine.


This principle entails praying and expressing complete devotion to God by praising His virtues. This form of yoga aims to eliminate feelings of selfishness and self-centeredness.


In this yoga principle, the individual regards themselves as a servant of God and willingly fulfills all duties and orders given by the divine. They perceive themselves as God’s slave and dedicate their life to serving both God’s people and His sacred places.


This form of Bhakti yoga focuses on treating God as the ultimate friend. It involves developing a strong bond of friendship with God, considering Him as a part of one’s family. This practice of Bhakti yoga reflects the utmost devotion to God, involving self-giving and spiritual surrender to the Almighty.

Bhakti yoga serves as a path to spiritual attainment and connection with divine power. By adhering to any or all of the nine principles, individuals can cultivate true love and receive the blessings of God.