What Is A Digital Medical Centre

What Is A Digital Medical Centre? How Can It Substitute A Primary Health Care Centre?

What Is A Digital Medical Centre? How Can It Substitute A Primary Health Care Centre?

Digital Medical Centre represents a cutting-edge approach to healthcare, boasting state-of-the-art digital infrastructure designed to capture patient information in a digital format. Within these centers, patient histories are documented in text form, while heart and lung sounds are recorded as audio files. Additionally, images of various body parts, such as the eye, ear, nose, and throat, along with diagnostic tests like X-rays, ECGs, and route slides, are stored digitally. Moreover, videos showcasing procedures like ultrasonography and cardiac examinations further enrich the repository of patient data, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

This digitized patient information can be easily shared nationally and internationally with hospitals and consultants. Utilizing secure platforms like Google Cloud ensures privacy and security, allowing authorized individuals to access the data from anywhere instantaneously. While such advanced digital healthcare infrastructure is not yet widespread in India, it undoubtedly represents the future of the medical industry.

Dr. Arvind Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman of Sevatidevi Memorial Digital Medical Centers Pvt Ltd, emphasizes the importance of video conferencing coupled with cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in connecting Digital Medical Centers to a global network. This setup enables patients to access top-tier hospitals and renowned doctors not only in India but also worldwide.

With this setup, specialists from any corner of the globe can communicate with patients, conduct examinations, and observe local doctors examining patients, albeit with the limitation of physical touch. This innovative approach transcends geographical barriers, facilitating access to expert healthcare services regardless of location.

What are the pros of a digital medical centre

1. The Digital Medical Centre can be established anywhere with internet connectivity. It gathers high-quality patient information, including intricate details and colors, in digital format, eliminating the need for physical storage space. This data can be swiftly transmitted nationally or internationally and exchanged with consultants or hospitals.

2. Functioning as a comprehensive Medical Mall, the Digital Medical Centre features digital infrastructure for patient examinations and an in-house digital lab for both routine and specialized investigations, providing instant reports. It maintains global connectivity with hospitals, labs, and consultants, enabling the fulfillment of primary healthcare clinic duties and beyond.

3. The versatility of the Digital Medical Centre allows for its implementation in diverse settings, including conflict zones, maritime vessels, airborne vehicles, as well as rural and urban areas.

4. The establishment of Digital Medical Centers can take various forms. It can be franchised to professional doctors, offering self-employment opportunities with ongoing medical education and the flexibility to work remotely. Alternatively, investors may initiate Digital Medical Centers as a social initiative or for a secure and substantial return on investment.

Digital Medical Centre

Final Word

Dr. Aggarwal concludes by highlighting the self-sufficiency, self-management, and technological advancement of the Digital Medical Centre. Serving as a cost-effective alternative to traditional primary healthcare centers, these centers can be established in virtually any location. Embracing the progressive integration of technology in healthcare, Dr. Aggarwal emphasizes the convenience of consulting doctors via video conferencing and other digital platforms. This underscores the positive impact of leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery in today’s rapidly advancing world.