What do classy men do to be stylish? Boast these chic hairstyles

What do classy men do to be stylish? Boast these chic hairstyles

Men are probably more preoccupied with their hair than their skin, and therefore keeping such trendy men in mind we have brought to you chic hairstyle, only for men.

Mens grooming

Hair not only contributes to our appearance through its style but also its overall condition. Undoubtedly, hair plays a significant role in enhancing our overall look. Finding the perfect hairstyle is often the initial stride towards impeccable grooming. Speaking of grooming, a well-groomed man is often characterized by short and neatly styled hair.

Short hairstyles offer convenience, particularly in warmer seasons like summer. Men often opt for shorter haircuts to address concerns such as hair loss or a receding hairline, as it can help minimize the visibility of thinning hair. In fact, some celebrities have embraced the completely bald look, setting trends in the process.

Crew cuts

Crew cuts have enjoyed their time in the fashion spotlight, particularly flattering those with oval face shapes. This closely cropped hairstyle exudes neatness and tidiness. However, individuals with prominent features such as large ears, long noses, or very large heads may want to steer clear of crew cuts, as these features could become overly accentuated. While similar to the army cut, the crew cut boasts a touch more style.

The spiked look, once a trendsetter, remains a popular choice, especially among younger men. Short on the sides and back, this style features longer top layers styled into spikes using gel or wax. Alternatively, it can be fashioned into a textured look, gaining popularity in recent times.

For those seeking a modern twist, the side short, front long hairstyle offers a fresh take. Short at the sides and back, this style boasts longer hair at the front, with layered cuts and rugged texture, ideal for men with wavy hair. Reminiscent of the Regency era, this style brings the hair forward towards the forehead.

The fringe isn’t just reserved for longer hair; it can also be incorporated into short hairstyles, varying in length and thickness. The side-swept fringe, in particular, is gaining traction among men.

A throwback to the ’60s, the classic 60s style features short hair with a side parting, slicked back neatly. This traditional look, once sported by Hollywood stars like Cary Grant, is making a comeback.

Ultimately, finding the right hairstyle entails considering one’s individuality, hair texture, and facial shape. Today, there’s greater freedom to explore styles that complement your unique attributes.