What connection exists between Lupus and Osteoporosis

What is the link between Lupus and Osteoporosis?

What is the link between Lupus and Osteoporosis

Research indicates that individuals diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are prone to heightened bone loss and fracture susceptibility. Notably, women with lupus face a substantially elevated risk—nearly five times higher—of experiencing fractures attributed to osteoporosis compared to those without the condition.

Several factors contribute to the increased osteoporosis risk among individuals with lupus. Firstly, the use of glucocorticoid medications commonly prescribed for SLE treatment can precipitate considerable bone density reduction. Additionally, the symptoms of pain and fatigue associated with the disease often lead to decreased physical activity, further exacerbating the vulnerability to osteoporosis. Furthermore, research suggests that lupus itself may directly contribute to bone loss.

Alarmingly, the demographic predominantly affected by lupus comprises women, who already belong to a demographic predisposed to osteoporosis, with 90 percent of lupus cases occurring in this group.