What are the signs and symptoms Diabetes

What are the signs and symptoms of 'Brittle' Diabetes?

Brittle diabetes, also known as labile diabetes, refers to uncontrolled type 1 diabetes characterized by frequent large swings in blood sugar levels. While it most commonly affects children or young adults, it can occur at any age. Symptoms of brittle diabetes can vary widely due to the extremes of blood glucose levels.

Elevated Blood Sugar: Highly elevated blood sugar levels will result in increased levels of sugar in both the blood and urine. Symptoms of ketoacidosis may also be present, such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness, lethargy, confusion, and fruity-smelling breath.

Increased Thirst and Urination: Elevated blood sugar causes fluids to move out of cells, leading to increased thirst and subsequent frequent urination.

Increased Appetite and Weight Loss: Depleted energy sources in muscles and tissues due to inability to utilize glucose may result in increased hunger. Despite eating more, weight loss may occur as glucose is lost in urine.

Blurred Vision: Elevated glucose levels can cause fluid loss from the lenses of the eyes, affecting vision clarity.

Flu-like Symptoms: Children with Type 1 diabetes may present with flu-like symptoms such as achiness, fatigue, nausea, and irritability.

If you experience symptoms suggestive of elevated blood sugar levels, it’s crucial to get your blood sugar levels tested promptly. Dr. Poonam Sachdeva, our in-house medical expert, provides comprehensive information on diabetes, including its causes, symptoms, and management strategies.