What are the risk of Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Several factors may elevate the likelihood of your newborn developing respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). These factors encompass:

  1. Premature birth: The earlier your baby arrives, the higher the risk of RDS. Most RDS cases arise in infants born before 28 weeks of gestation.
  2. Delivery-related stress, particularly in cases of significant blood loss (hemorrhage).
  3. Infection.
  4. Maternal diabetes.
  5. Emergency cesarean delivery (C-section) before full term, which poses an increased risk for RDS, often necessitated by conditions like placental detachment threatening the well-being of either the mother or the infant.

Additionally, planned C-sections conducted before the full maturation of the baby’s lungs can also elevate RDS risk. Pre-delivery tests can gauge fetal age and lung maturity, aiding in determining the likelihood of RDS occurrence.