We all have these kinds of friends on our whatsapp groups

Enjoying your whatsapp groups? But do you really know what’s common in most of them? Here are some kinds of friends you will always find in a group.

Whatsapp group

The over enthusiastic member

There is always a member in every group that keeps sending a good morning message every day. He/she does not care whether others respond or not. At times it can get super annoying especially when your data is being used to download those useless images. Then there are days when you don’t receive good morning message from that friend of yours and you actually begin to wonder if they are okay.

The ‘I am too busy with life’ member

This member is always busy in something and simply won’t read anything that anyone sends on the group. However, this member will come back every once in a while, only to ask someone to recap those 250 unread messages rather than take time to go through them on their own.

The emoji queen

This member has emoji for everything, whether you announce a new job, a new relationship, a breakup or even a death in the family. They just can’t talk without using smiles after every few seconds of conversation.

The K brigade

This member is an extension of the I am busy with life member. This one member does not write anything more than a ‘K’ to whatever you might have to say.

The silent observer

There are always one person (sometimes more) in every group who never react. They silently read the chats but do not involve themselves in the conversation unless you directly ask them a question.