Ways your teeth affect your digestive system

Proper nutrition has always been fundamental to maintaining a healthy digestive system, but the way we chew and break down our food also significantly impacts digestion. The initial phase of digestion commences in the mouth, where teeth begin the breakdown process. As food progresses through the digestive tract, it undergoes further breakdown, releasing essential nutrients.

Teeth are pivotal in this process, each type serving a specific function. Molars grind food between opposing surfaces, while incisors, with their sharp edges, facilitate cutting. These incisors, characterized by long roots, tear food, guiding it towards the molars and premolars with the aid of the tongue. Premolars, positioned between molars and incisors, play a crucial role in crushing food.

Toothaches can significantly impede eating due to pain. Misalignment, infections, or missing teeth can disrupt chewing and consequently affect digestion.