Treadmill Mistakes: Get Rid Of These 6 Habits In The Gym

Many runners find running on a treadmill more preferable to outdoor running. This method of exercise offers a solution to unpredictable weather conditions, allowing individuals to run regardless of outdoor conditions. However, treadmill running entails complexities beyond its apparent simplicity. Proper running technique is crucial, as it can significantly impact the body over time. Here are some common mistakes observed among individuals when running on a treadmill:

Craning Your Neck to Watch TV 

Many gym enthusiasts often multitask by watching television while exercising. However, tilting or craning your neck during workouts can lead to strain or injury in the neck muscles. When you crane your neck, certain muscles stretch while others tighten, creating an imbalance. Prolonged neck craning restricts oxygen supply to that area, increasing the risk of injury over time.

Too Engrossed in the TV

Simply glancing at the screen periodically is one thing, but fully engaging in and enjoying a soap opera while running on a treadmill is another. Even though your body is engaged in cardio and sweating, your focus is elsewhere. Distraction can significantly heighten the risk of injury while using a treadmill. Concentration and controlled breathing are essential for an effective workout, and watching a screen can disrupt these, potentially leading to accidents or strain.

Doing The Same Thing, Again and Again 

Repetitive treadmill workouts may diminish the likelihood of achieving desired weight loss and overall fitness goals. Incorporating variability in running speed and incline is optimal for challenging the body and pushing its limits. Mixing fast and slow running within one session and making necessary adjustments throughout can yield better results. Interval workouts, characterized by alternating periods of high intensity and recovery, are particularly effective for accelerating weight loss and improving fitness levels.

Skipping the Warmup 

Gym-goers often contemplate skipping warm-up exercises and jumping straight into their workout routine. However, warm-ups serve a crucial purpose. Skipping them heightens the risk of injuries and muscle cramps, as the muscles are abruptly subjected to intense movements. It’s worth noting that warm-ups don’t need to be time-consuming; dedicating just 5-7 minutes to warm up joint by joint can significantly improve mobility and prepare the body for rigorous workout sessions.

Holding the Bars 

Holding on the treadmill bars while workout out is suitable for beginners walking or running at very slow speed. Gripping the bar may give your body the support, however, will restrict the calorie loss in the body.