Transform your physique with these 5 powerful exercises

This World Health Day, our reliable health channel presents you with five straightforward exercises to completely reshape your body. If you’ve been seeking motivation to kickstart your workout journey, this is the perfect opportunity! Saurabh Kulkarni, an instructor at the Heal Institute, shares some valuable tips and exercises.

Today, let’s delve into a few fundamental exercises that serve as the cornerstone of any fitness regimen.


For weighted squats, begin by positioning your feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in the center, just below your chin. As you lower yourself, imagine sitting onto an imaginary chair, ensuring your elbows touch the tips of your knees. Feel the pressure on your heels as you descend. Then, rise back up. Squats reign supreme among exercises, particularly for the lower body, engaging nearly all lower body muscles.


The lunge mirrors the squat’s muscle engagement but focuses on one leg at a time. Step forward with one leg, bearing your body weight on it. Drive through your heels, pressing them firmly into the ground, then return to a standing position. This exercise effectively targets individual limbs and the entire lower body.

A hinge

This exercise is called the bent-over row, and you can perform it using a dumbbell. Start with your feet hip-width apart. Lean forward, keeping your torso parallel to the ground, and ensure your arms are parallel to your knees. As you execute the movement, focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together when the dumbbell reaches parallel to your thighs. This exercise effectively strengthens your entire back and bicep muscles.

Push and pull

This exercise replicates a pushing motion and can be performed using dumbbells. Begin by lying on your back with the dumbbells positioned directly over your chest. Lower the dumbbells until your arms form a ninety-degree angle, with your triceps parallel to the ground, ensuring not to strain your shoulders excessively. This exercise effectively targets the muscles of your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, and triceps.


While it may seem simple, carrying weight on one side and walking slowly is a crucial yet often overlooked exercise. Take 15-20 slow steps in one direction, then turn back and repeat. This exercise strengthens your core and promotes efficient walking mechanics.

All of these exercises can be tailored to your preference, whether using heavier or lighter weights. You can adjust the repetition range based on your age and energy levels.