How is Pernicious Anemia treated

What is the treatment for Pernicious Anemia?
What is the treatment for Pernicious Anemia?

Pernicious anemia is typically treated by replenishing the deficient vitamin B12 in the body. Patients with pernicious anemia may require ongoing treatment throughout their lives.

Treatment Objectives:

1. Addressing anemia and alleviating associated symptoms.
2. Managing or preventing complications such as heart and nerve damage.
3. Treating the underlying cause of pernicious anemia, if identifiable.

Treatment Approaches:

– Vitamin B12 injections or oral supplements are commonly used for treating pernicious anemia.
– Severe cases often necessitate initial vitamin B12 injections administered into a muscle daily or weekly until blood B12 levels normalize. Subsequently, injections may be administered monthly.
– For less severe cases, high doses of vitamin B12 pills, as well as vitamin B12 nose gel or spray, may be recommended. These alternative forms of supplementation are particularly beneficial for individuals with swallowing difficulties.
– Improvement in symptoms may be noticeable within a few days of treatment initiation. Patients are often advised to limit physical activity until their condition improves.
– If pernicious anemia stems from an underlying condition or factor other than intrinsic factor deficiency, addressing the root cause becomes crucial.
– Medications might be prescribed to address conditions hindering vitamin B12 absorption. Adjustments to medication type or dosage may be necessary if medications contribute to pernicious anemia.
– Newborns born to strict vegetarian mothers may receive vitamin B12 supplements from birth to prevent pernicious anemia.