How is COVID-19 connected to heart attacks

What Is The Link Between COVID-19 And A Heart Attack?

What Is The Link Between COVID-19 And A Heart Attack?

Every day, the global tally of COVID-19 cases and fatalities continues to climb. In India, the strain on the public healthcare system reached a breaking point several weeks ago, leaving citizens scrambling for vital medical resources like oxygen cylinders, ICU beds, and ventilators. With the surge in COVID-19 cases, numerous states have implemented partial lockdown measures. However, the impact of severe COVID-19 illness extends beyond physical health, taking a toll on mental well-being as well. It’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and minimize stress whenever possible.

COVID-19 can lead to severe complications, some of which can prove fatal. Medical professionals have noted a correlation between COVID-19 and heart-related issues in many cases, with heart problems serving as a significant risk factor for severe COVID symptoms. The virus’s effects can even trigger heart attacks. To shed light on this connection, the editorial team at Onlymyhealth interviewed Dr. Praveen Chandra, Chairman of Interventional & Structural Heart Cardiology at Medanta – The Medicity, regarding the relationship between COVID-19 and heart attacks.

Connection between COVID-19 and cardiac arrest

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Several instances of sudden death following virus contraction have been reported. Dr. Praveen noted that in some cases, COVID-19 induces clot formation in the heart or blood, thickening blood and leading to heart issues, particularly in high-risk patients like those with heart disease. To mitigate heart attack risks, doctors administer blood thinners to susceptible patients. Vigilant precautionary measures and regular medical consultations can prevent such fatalities. Respiratory infections can affect the heart, especially in individuals with existing coronary artery disease, as compromised blood flow and weakened vessel function heighten the risk of heart complications. COVID-19’s impact on the heart extends beyond lung issues, with patients often experiencing cardiac problems, including blood vessel injuries, clotting, arrhythmias, strokes, and heart attacks, particularly if they have preexisting heart conditions. While COVID-19 primarily affects the lungs, recent research suggests a link between the virus and heart issues due to factors like inflammation and infection-related effects aggravating preexisting conditions.