Here are four simple strategies to maintain your fitness levels during the festive season

Amidst the festive season, it’s common for your daily diet to be disrupted. Here are some straightforward methods to maintain your fitness during this time.

4 Easy Ways To Balance Your Fitness Levels During Festive Season
4 Easy Ways To Balance Your Fitness Levels During Festive Season

As the festive season unfolds, people immerse themselves in celebrations, gathering with friends and family to partake in activities like dancing, singing, and traveling, spreading cheer and joy. However, this often leads to consuming excess calories, which must be balanced with regular activities. While we remain mindful of the food and calories we intake, it’s crucial to engage in mindful eating. The Healthonlyforyou editorial team connected with Under Armour Athlete, Ritesh Shaiwal, to explore simple workouts that can help maintain fitness during the festive season.

Simple methods to maintain your fitness routine during the holiday season

It’s fascinating to observe how the pandemic underscored the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few effortless strategies to maintain your fitness regimen during the festive season:

1. A Half-Hour Express Workout

A Half-Hour Express Workout

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festive season doesn’t always require adhering to a rigorous fitness schedule. Incorporating a 30-minute workout or yoga session in the morning can energize your day. Alternatively, a brisk 30-minute walk or jog can also provide sufficient exercise.

2. 10,000 steps

If committing to a 30-minute routine feels challenging, aiming for 10,000 steps a day can be an effective alternative. This goal encourages constant movement throughout the day, yielding significant benefits. Achieving 10,000 steps requires continuous effort and contributes to maintaining a healthy Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), aiding in quicker digestion of food consumed throughout the day. Mindful movement is another key factor in fostering a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

3. Dancing

As previously mentioned, the festive season often revolves around celebrations, frequently centered on food. However, there’s an emerging perspective that suggests broadening our view of festivities. Celebration shouldn’t solely revolve around food but also encompass physical activities like dancing. Dancing itself is a form of celebration. By engaging in dance, we celebrate while simultaneously taking steps towards improved fitness and health.


4. Meditation

Another effective method to maintain both mental and physical well-being is through meditation. The pandemic has underscored the importance of prioritizing our mental health. Incorporating a 30-minute meditation session into our routine can bring about a sense of calm and rejuvenation, helping to manage restlessness and stress. Overeating often stems from feelings of restlessness or stress, and meditation can assist in building self-control. Additionally, indulging in sugary foods can lead to lethargy, which can be counteracted by engaging in a brief 30-minute walk or yoga session in the evening to balance out insulin levels.

This festive season presents an opportunity to redefine celebration, moving beyond mere focus on food and intense exercise regimens. Participating in physical activities like dancing can be a joyful form of celebration. Dancing not only burns calories but also serves as a form of silent meditation, contributing to overall well-being. Let’s embrace a simpler and healthier approach to celebration this festive season.