Five top-notch running applications designed to assist you in your marathon preparation

Get ready for your marathon effortlessly with user-friendly running apps.

5 Best Running Apps To Help You Prepare For A Marathon
5 Best Running Apps To Help You Prepare For A Marathon

It’s no coincidence that marathons and walkathons coincide with the New Year’s resolution rush, when everyone’s focused on fitness. Naturally, having a trainer to guide you towards the finish line swiftly is essential. But what if I told you that your smartphone could play both roles? That’s right. There’s a plethora of running apps out there designed to assist you in preparing for runs of all lengths, serving as both coach and motivator.

Top Running Apps

Whether you’re a newbie lacing up your running shoes for the first time or a seasoned runner aiming to recapture that beloved runner’s high, these five apps are sure to get you moving at full speed.

1) Strava

Strava, widely favored among cyclists and runners alike, is a top pick for athletes of all levels, from novices to pros. Offering comprehensive GPS tracking and compatibility with various GPS devices, it monitors an array of metrics crucial for tracking progress. Its standout feature is the segments functionality, enabling users to compare performance with others tackling the same routes. Moreover, Strava includes a beacon, a safety feature allowing three chosen contacts to keep tabs on your whereabouts during runs, although this feature is exclusive to premium subscribers.

2) Couch To 5K

Couch To 5K stands out as an excellent option for short runs and walkathons, delivering precisely as promised: transitioning you from sedentary to runner. Over nine weeks, it guides you through three 30-minute sessions per week, culminating in readiness for a 3.1-mile race. A virtual coach offers verbal guidance during your runs. Notably, the app allows you to upload your run data to after each session, enabling you to share achievements and engage in friendly competition with fellow athletes.

Couch To 5K

3) Pacer

While its primary function revolves around step counting, this app is perfect for beginners venturing into running or aiming to regain fitness. It covers everything from logging steps to offering a comprehensive view of your activity level. Additionally, users can track runs using GPS and participate in group challenges, though access to these features requires opting for the premium plan. The standout aspect of this app is its dual role as both a walking companion and a health coach, providing support and guidance every step of the way.

4) MapMyRun

Fed up with the monotony of running the same route repeatedly? Look no further than MapMyRun, offering a selection of over 70 million routes to keep your runs fresh and exciting. This app meticulously tracks various metrics including distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned, among others. Its standout feature lies in its seamless integration with numerous popular wearable trackers and the MyFitnessPal app, enabling users to sync their food and exercise data for a comprehensive overview of their health and fitness journey.


5) Runcoach

Looking for a structured schedule to keep you on track? Runcoach is here to lend a hand. This app takes care of everything, from establishing a running objective tailored to your goals to offering personalized training recommendations. Its standout feature is its ability to address a range of concerns including nutrition, workouts, injuries, and recovery, providing comprehensive solutions to keep you moving forward.

Pro Tip

Make the most of the customized nutrition and training guidance offered by these apps during their free trial periods, typically lasting 15 days.