Five fantastic methods to alleviate your hangover

The most effective approach to avoid a hangover is to abstain from drinking altogether. However, our Saturday night gatherings wouldn’t hold the same charm without indulging in this delightful vice: alcohol.

5 Amazing Ways to Ease your Hangover
5 Amazing Ways to Ease your Hangover

The melodious chirping of birds resembles the amplified cawing of nuclear-powered crows through megaphones, while the radiant sunlight filtering through the window feels harshly acidic against your eyes. Regrettably, perhaps even culpably, you find yourself hungover. The burning question remains: What can be done about it?

5 Amazing Ways to Ease your Hangover

Fear not, for all hope is not lost. If you’re prepared for a hangover, you can certainly mitigate its effects too. As our wise granny used to say, prevention is the father of all remedies.

Here are some tips to navigate the day after with minimal discomfort:

  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Enjoy your drinks, but accompany them with some food.
  • Don’t try to be overly tough. Leave your ego aside.
  • Avoid mixing different types of alcohol. Spare your liver the trouble.
  • For every two parts of alcohol consumed, make sure to sip at least one part of water along with it.

Cold Water

The abrupt shock of cold water will provide the much-needed boost. This sudden immersion prompts the rapid release of adrenaline in your body. Consequently, the adrenaline helps alleviate the discomfort caused by the hangover. A headache and the overall sensation of malaise will gradually diminish. Depending on your luck, it might even vanish suddenly!

Hydrate yourself with water, milk, juice—consume it all

Indulging in excessive drinking can leave you feeling drained and sluggish, one of the unpleasant aftermaths of overindulgence. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water and allow your system to flush out the toxins. However, steer clear of coffee as it can exacerbate headaches and contribute to further dehydration.

Sleep off your drinking spree

Even after trying proper medication, if you still don’t feel quite right, the ultimate solution is to sleep it off. However, the challenge lies in how to ease into slumber with a pounding migraine.

  • Soothing Music: Let your mood be gently influenced to transport you to the land of dreams. Soft jazz or blues, though sophisticated, induce a sleepy atmosphere, aiding in your recovery from a hangover.
  • Purge the Toxins: While vomiting may not be pleasant, it’s a preferable option compared to enduring a dreadful hangover. In fact, it’s a practical remedy. After vomiting, you’ll feel considerably relieved as your system flushes out toxins. Whether it comes forcefully or naturally, it’s worth doing.
  • Scalp Massage: A relaxing scalp massage is akin to a step closer to heaven. Give it a try, and you’ll find yourself yearning for more.
  • Bedtime Story: This may seem childish, but it’s surprisingly effective. As the story unfolds, your ears become accustomed to it, gradually easing you into dreamland.

Sleep off your drinking spree

Tackle the issue by eating your way through it

Combat the symptoms of a hangover with fruits rich in vitamin C. Keep fresh fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, and pears nearby to address dehydration and alleviate your hangover. Additionally, bread is a secret weapon as it helps absorb the alcohol in your system, as revealed by Singh.

Allow the liquids to naturally exit your body

The body naturally eliminates harmful and excess substances through sweating and urination, including traces of ethanol from last night’s alcohol indulgence.

Keep in mind that no method offers instant relief from the discomfort of a hangover. So, folks, remember to handle that glass responsibly and in moderation.