Expert Identifies Oils That Can Enhance Children’s Health During the Winter Season Through Massage

Discover the benefits of massaging infants with oil, particularly during the winter season, and explore the optimal oils for your child’s health.

Baby Oil Massage In Winter: Expert Lists Oils That Can Promote Kid's Health In Colder Months
Baby Oil Massage In Winter: Expert Lists Oils That Can Promote Kid's Health In Colder Months

Undoubtedly, a beneficial practice, especially during winter, is providing babies with massages to nurture their health. Their delicate skin requires protection from harsh weather conditions that can deplete natural moisture. A gentle oil massage aids in maintaining warmth and nourishment. However, selecting the right oils is crucial. Rajesh Vohra, CEO of Artsana India (Chicco), in collaboration with the Chicco Research Centre, recommends oils containing almond and olive oils, known for their timeless benefits. These oils, when combined with sesame and vitamin E, offer a well-rounded blend of care and nourishment suitable for all seasons.

Advantages of Oil Massage for Children

Advantages of Oil Massage for Children


As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, oil massage offers numerous health benefits for infants, including:

1. Improved Sleep Quality
2. Reduction of Stress Hormone Levels
3. Increased Flexibility in Limbs
4. Muscle Relaxation
5. Aid in Digestion
6. Enhanced Immunity
7. Decreased Skin Sensitivity

Massage Oils for Babies

Almond Oil: Nurturing Strength and Wellness

Almond oil, abundant in minerals and boasting a gentle aroma, plays a crucial role in fortifying bone development. According to Vohra, “It offers infants a sturdy foundation for growth, being packed with essential nutrients vital for fostering robust and resilient bones.”

The Protective Strength of Olive Oil

Olive oil is renowned for its protective qualities against skin allergies, offering a soothing shield. Vohra emphasized, “Beyond nourishing delicate baby skin, it creates a protective barrier. Laden with antioxidants, it’s safe for sensitive baby skin, combating harmful bacteria while minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.”

The Protective Strength of Olive Oil

Sesame Oil: A Versatile Guardian

Sesame oil emerges as a superhero among natural oils, boasting a myriad of benefits. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties make it a gentle warrior, providing a protective shield against inflammation. This versatile oil ensures the baby’s skin stays effortlessly soft and supple.

Vitamin E Oil: Strengthening Muscles and Banishing Dryness

Vitamin E contributes to the development of strong and resilient muscles in babies. Additionally, it plays a key role in preventing dry skin, ensuring the baby’s skin remains soft and moisturized.

Chemical-Free Care: Harnessing the Power of Natural Ingredients

In the realm of baby care, selecting oils goes beyond fragrance; it’s about ensuring purity and safety. Vohra emphasized, “Parents seek natural oils devoid of harsh chemicals. Opting for oils free from substances like parabens and phenoxyethanol is an ideal decision to prioritize.”

Unrestricted by Seasons: A Ritual for All Seasons

“Although winter may accentuate the necessity for additional care, incorporating oils such as almond, olive, sesame, and vitamin E isn’t exclusive to the cold season. This nurturing regimen transcends winter; it’s a practice suitable for year-round application. Thus, whether it’s winter or any other season, the utilization of the appropriate oil with its beneficial components remains paramount,” emphasized Vohra.