Black ice cream made with activated charcoal treat for detoxification

Black ice cream

Indeed, black ice cream made with activated charcoal has become a trendy and intriguing option for those looking to explore unique and health-conscious treats. Activated charcoal, known for its detoxifying properties, lends its distinct black color to various foods and beverages, including ice cream. Here’s why black ice cream has captured the attention of many:

  1. Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is a natural substance derived from sources like coconut shells or wood, processed to increase its surface area and absorbency. It’s widely used in health and beauty products for its detoxifying properties, helping to rid the body of toxins and impurities.
  2. Detoxification: Incorporating activated charcoal into ice cream provides a novel way to enjoy its detoxification benefits. While more research is needed to fully understand its effects, some believe that activated charcoal can help cleanse the body by binding to toxins and aiding in their elimination.
  3. Visual Appeal: Beyond its health benefits, black ice cream offers a visually striking appearance that appeals to those seeking Instagram-worthy desserts and culinary adventures. The contrast of the dark hue against traditional ice cream flavors adds an element of intrigue and excitement to the eating experience.
  4. Innovative Flavor Profiles: Black ice cream isn’t just about its color; it also opens the door to creative flavor combinations. Whether infused with vanilla, chocolate, coconut, or other ingredients, black ice cream offers a unique flavor profile that appeals to adventurous taste buds.
  5. Diverse Applications: From artisanal ice cream shops to homemade recipes, black ice cream has become a versatile option for dessert enthusiasts. It’s not just a passing trend but a culinary innovation that continues to evolve and inspire new interpretations.

In summary, black ice cream made with activated charcoal offers a blend of health benefits, visual appeal, and innovative flavor profiles that make it a standout option in the world of frozen treats. Whether you’re intrigued by its detoxifying properties or simply drawn to its striking appearance, black ice cream is undeniably a trend worth exploring.

It’s delicious and good for you!

What is black ice cream

Absolutely! Black ice cream is indeed a simple yet intriguing dessert made by incorporating activated charcoal into a traditional ice cream base. Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients typically used in a black ice cream recipe like yours:

  1. Canned Coconut Milk: Provides a creamy and dairy-free base for the ice cream, adding richness and texture.
  2. Condensed Coconut Milk: Adds sweetness and creaminess to the ice cream, enhancing its flavor and consistency.
  3. Arrowroot Starch: Acts as a thickening agent, helping to stabilize the ice cream and prevent ice crystals from forming.
  4. Vanilla Extract: Infuses the ice cream with a subtle vanilla flavor, complementing the other ingredients.
  5. Cacao Powder: Adds a rich and chocolatey flavor to the ice cream, enhancing its taste and depth.
  6. Activated Charcoal: Gives the ice cream its signature black color and may offer potential health benefits, such as detoxification.
  7. Sweetener (Honey or Maple Syrup): Provides sweetness to the ice cream, balancing out the flavors and enhancing its overall taste.

By using these simple and wholesome ingredients, you can create a delicious and dairy-free black ice cream that’s not only visually striking but also packed with flavor and potential health benefits. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a creative dessert creation, black ice cream is sure to impress with its unique appearance and taste.

That’s fascinating! It’s intriguing to learn that the black ice cream trend originated somewhat accidentally at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City. The goal was initially to create a coconut-flavored ice cream, and the resulting flavor, coconut ash, became a sensation.

The name “coconut ash” comes from the key ingredient used in the ice cream, which is the charred and processed remains of coconut shells. This substance, also known as activated charcoal, lends its rich, dark color to the ice cream, resulting in a visually striking dessert.

Despite its jet black appearance, coconut ash ice cream contains other lightly colored and flavorful ingredients such as coconut flakes, coconut cream, and coconut milk, which contribute to its creamy texture and delicious taste.

It’s fascinating how a simple experiment with coconut shells led to the creation of a unique and trend-setting ice cream flavor that has captured the attention of dessert enthusiasts worldwide. The black ice cream trend continues to evolve, with creative variations and interpretations emerging in ice cream shops and home kitchens alike.

Health Benefits

Now, when you think of ice cream, “healthy” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. However, the ingredients in this activated charcoal ice cream make it a guilt-free treat.

Let’s start with the main ingredient: activated carbon. It is a powerful detoxifier that is often used in hospitals to treat patients who have overdosed or been poisoned.

Charcoal binds toxins and chemicals and removes them from the body. The best varieties are made from coconut shells or certain fine-grained woods and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Black ice cream ingredients

Sure, here’s the paraphrased version of your text:

Activated charcoal is a versatile substance with multiple health benefits. It can ease gas and bloating, aid in recovery from excessive alcohol consumption, and even serve as a natural teeth-whitening agent. Additionally, it supports digestive health by absorbing toxins and promoting a balanced gut microbiome.

This black ice cream recipe highlights the versatility of coconut milk, a common kitchen ingredient. Apart from lending a creamy texture and subtle sweetness to the dessert, coconut milk is known for its potential health benefits, including the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss.

Additionally, the inclusion of cacao powder, a form of dark chocolate, adds antioxidants to the recipe. Dark chocolate is often hailed as a superfood for its ability to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.

Rather than relying on refined sweeteners, this recipe opts for honey as a natural sweetening agent. Honey is rich in enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals, offering health benefits not found in table sugar. Moreover, it has a gentler impact on blood sugar levels.

Black ice cream recipe

How to Make Black Ice Cream

Interested in trying your hand at making activated charcoal ice cream? It’s a straightforward process, so let’s dive in.

To begin, it’s essential to plan ahead and ensure your ice cream maker’s freezer bowl is thoroughly chilled. I recommend placing it in the freezer for approximately nine hours, ideally overnight, to ensure it’s adequately frozen.

The following day, prepare a medium saucepan on the stove. Combine the coconut milk, condensed coconut milk, arrowroot starch, honey (or your preferred sweetener), vanilla extract, cacao powder, and activated charcoal in the saucepan. Heat the mixture over medium heat, being mindful not to let it reach a boil. Keep a close eye on the mixture as it heats.

Black ice cream step 2

After preparing the mixture, transfer the black ice cream mixture into a bowl and cover it. Place the covered bowl in the refrigerator and allow it to chill for at least an hour before proceeding with the ice cream making process.

Once the mixture has sufficiently chilled, assemble your ice cream maker according to its instructions and turn on the rotating freezer bowl. Pour the chilled black ice cream mixture into the bowl of the ice cream maker and churn for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, or until the ice cream reaches your desired consistency.

If you prefer thicker ice cream, transfer the churned mixture into a container. Cover the container with parchment paper or a lid and place it in the freezer for about an hour to firm up.

When ready to serve, scoop the black charcoal ice cream into bowls and garnish with your favorite toppings. Enjoy this unique and intriguing dessert creation!

Black ice cream recipe

That sounds like a delicious combination! Adding pistachios and Himalayan pink salt as toppings will surely enhance the flavor and texture of the black charcoal ice cream. Enjoy your unique creation!

Black Ice Cream with Activated Charcoal for Detox Recipe

Step aside, vanilla ice cream — there’s a new, intriguing, and nutritious option ready to steal the spotlight: black ice cream!


  • 2 cups full-fat coconut milk
  • 2 cups condensed coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons arrowroot starch
  • 2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons activated charcoal powder
  • 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder


  1. Freeze the freezer bowl for at least 9 hours or overnight.
  2. In a medium-size saucepan, on medium-low, mix milk, condensed milk, starch, honey, vanilla extract, cacao powder and charcoal. Don’t let this mixture come to a boil.
  3. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour before making ice cream.
  4. Assemble ice cream maker and turn on the rotating freezer bowl.
  5. Pour ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl and allow to churn for 15–20 minutes or until desired consistency.
  6. If you like your ice cream thick, pour the mixture into a container, cover with parchment paper and store in the freezer for about 1 hour.
  7. Serve with your favorite ice cream toppings.


  • Swap the honey for another natural sweetener, such as maple syrup, to make this recipe vegan.
  • Add healthy toppings of your choice, such as nuts and sea salt.


  • Serving Size: 177g
  • Calories: 420
  • Sugar: 11.3g
  • Sodium: 25mg
  • Fat: 40.2g
  • Saturated Fat: 35.1g
  • Unsaturated Fat: 5.1g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 20.1g
  • Fiber: 6.6g
  • Protein: 5.8g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg