5 refreshing beverages to help keep your child hydrated during the summer months

There are numerous enjoyable ways to ensure your child stays hydrated during the summer season. Explore these refreshing drink options to keep them hydrated and happy.

5 refreshing beverages to help keep your child hydrated during the summer months

The summer vacations are synonymous with adventure and excitement for children, whether they’re splashing in the water, exploring the great outdoors, or embarking on backyard adventures with friends. However, these fun-filled activities also expose children to the sweltering summer heat, raising concerns about dehydration.

As temperatures soar, dehydration becomes a pressing issue for both adults and children. With water constituting a significant portion of the human body, dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes in, disrupting the balance of minerals and affecting overall bodily functions. To safeguard your children from dehydration, it’s crucial to ensure they consume healthy liquids.

The editorial team at Onlymyhealth connected with Ms. Prachi Shah, a Nutritionist from Fast&Up, to explore some enjoyable drinks that can help keep children hydrated during the summer months.

Creative beverages to ensure your child stays hydrated during the summer months

Choosing the ideal summer beverage for your kids while prioritizing nutritional value can be a challenge. Parents often provide water bottles to quench their children’s thirst, but may overlook the opportunity to incorporate additional nutrients into their drinks to ensure proper hydration during the summer months. Children can quickly grow tired of plain water or sugary beverages, which may not effectively prevent dehydration. To promote your child’s well-being this summer, consider these five enjoyable drink options:

1. Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular summer beverages is lemon water, also known as nimbu paani. This refreshing drink is infused with salt and sugar, which aids in boosting your child’s metabolism while maintaining essential potassium and sodium levels. Lemon, rich in vitamin C, not only enhances digestion but also helps eliminate toxins from the body. Incorporating lemon into your child’s drink encourages increased water consumption throughout the day. For added interest, consider incorporating ingredients like tulsi, mint, and chia seeds into the lemon drink.

2. Hibiscus Punch

Hibiscus, a nutritious edible flower, boasts a wealth of essential nutrients including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, salt, zinc, and vitamins. Its tangy, cranberry-like flavor and vibrant red hue are sure to captivate your children’s interest. Hibiscus is also rich in antioxidants, particularly beneficial polyphenols, which help reduce harmful free radicals in the body and support overall cellular health. To prepare this refreshing drink, simply soak dried hibiscus flowers in water for two hours, then boil them in water for 6-8 minutes. After removing any sediment, sweeten the water with sugar and allow it to cool before refrigerating the drink. For added flavor, consider incorporating lime, ginger juice, or mint into your punch.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which effectively nourish and hydrate the body. Not only is it a low-calorie beverage, but it also supports immune function and serves as an excellent thirst-quencher for children. With its abundance of minerals and electrolytes, along with a substantial amount of carbohydrates and minimal sugar, coconut water helps maintain youthful energy levels and promotes a sense of freshness. Nevertheless, if your child has a history of allergies, consulting a medical professional before introducing coconut water is advisable.

4. Lassi


Lassi stands out as a highly beneficial and widely enjoyed cold beverage, particularly favored during the summer, even for your little ones. It comes in two varieties: salty and sweet. This uncomplicated drink requires just a handful of ingredients, including thick yogurt, water, and either salt or sugar, depending on preference. Rich in essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria, lassi aids in stomach repair and enhances overall gut health. Additionally, its cooling and soothing properties help safeguard children against sunstroke or nausea. Opting for homemade yogurt lassi ensures an ideal choice every time.

5. Fruit Smoothies

Kids love frosty snacks, and what’s better for them in the summer than delicious smoothies? Smoothies not only refresh your senses, but are also a delicious way to beat the heat. Parents can play with different fruits and make delicious smoothies for their children. People all over the world are always looking for ways to combine taste and superior nutrition while staying cool, and you can do the same with your child’s favorite fruits. A breakfast smoothie can certainly pave the way for an excellent healthy drink during the summer.

In summer, children are extremely sensitive to heat and should be closely monitored during this time. However, do not force children to drink liquids as this can sometimes lead to overhydration. Be sure to maintain a healthy balance and enjoy the summer with your kids.