5 Incredible Food Parts Often Discarded Yet Remarkably Beneficial

After reading this article, your approach to using food items will undergo a transformation. Discover innovative methods to make use of commonly discarded food parts.

5 Amazing Food Parts That We Usually Discard But Are Very Useful
5 Amazing Food Parts That We Usually Discard But Are Very Useful

Explore this extensive list of commonly discarded food parts, from lemon peel to boiled chickpea water. Often deemed as useless, these parts actually offer multiple uses and are frequently more nutritious than the main component. Reflect on the staggering percentage of global food wastage and the contribution each of us makes to it daily. While individuals perish from hunger, we waste food simply because we can afford to. We should acknowledge our fortune in having food to consume and pledge to curb food wastage by utilizing these leftovers. This article aims to assist you in discovering the optimal ways to repurpose discarded food parts.

1. Lemon or Citrus Zest

Lemon or Citrus Zest


Many of us typically extract the juice from lemons or citrus fruits and then discard the peel. However, this practice overlooks the potential usefulness of the rinds. By grating the zest, you can elevate the flavor of dishes such as salads and curries. Additionally, incorporating zest into recipes not only enhances taste but also conserves extra juice.

2. Chickpea water

Chickpea water

Chickpea water, often overlooked, has gained popularity as “aquafaba,” touted as liquid gold for health. This versatile ingredient has numerous culinary applications, both in cooking and baking. Its unique ability to create foam makes it an excellent substitute for eggs in various recipes.

3. Pickle juice

Pickle juice

When referring to pickles, we’re not talking about traditional Indian pickles but rather those prepared with vinegar. Often, after consuming the pickled foods, we discard the remaining juice, which is a missed opportunity! This juice contains excellent flavor that can enhance dishes and curries when added. It’s worth giving it a try!

4. Watermelon rinds 

With summer comes the abundance of watermelons. Typically, after enjoying the juicy flesh, we discard the rinds. However, did you know that watermelon rinds can also be repurposed into delicious dishes? You can pickle them, add them to your salad bowl, make chutneys, and even blend them into smoothies! Next time, instead of tossing them away, consider using them in your culinary creations.

5. Yogurt whey

Yogurt whey

That watery liquid you often find at the top of yogurt containers is usually discarded without a second thought. However, it’s actually quite valuable. Similar in tanginess to yogurt, this liquid is packed with probiotics, calcium, and vitamins, making it an elixir for your health. You can incorporate it into cooking to add flavor and nutritional benefits. If you have a large quantity, you can even enjoy it as a refreshing beverage—it tastes delicious!

6. Herb stems

Coriander leaves are often considered essential for food presentation and their chutney is indeed delightful. However, what about the stem? The common response is to discard it. Yet, the stem holds a treasure of juice and flavor, even stronger than the leaves. Don’t overlook it—incorporate it into your dishes for an extra burst of flavor.