5 Highly Effective Exercises for Men Looking to Gain Weight

Men seeking to increase their weight can achieve success by incorporating specific exercises tailored for weight gain. Here are the top weight gain exercises for men.

5 Highly Effective Exercises for Men Looking to Gain Weight

Achieving weight gain requires balancing exercise with calorie intake. Exercise plays a crucial role in this process as it aids in digesting the surplus calories you consume.

5 Highly Effective Exercises for Men Looking to Gain Weight


This particular exercise is ideal for facilitating weight gain. Its traditional approach proves highly effective in building bulk or mass. It engages multiple muscle groups, ensuring even distribution of gains, resulting in increased strength and size. Proper form is key to maximizing effectiveness and preventing injury.


Push-ups are undeniably one of the most renowned exercises. While not specifically designed for weight gain, they contribute to overall muscle development. This movement targets core muscles, as well as the biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders. Mastering the standard push-up can lead to progression to more challenging variations like one-handed and jumping push-ups.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls serve not only to add volume to the biceps but also to tone, define, and sculpt muscles. Exploring various variations and angles, such as the bent-over row, can promote muscle growth and enhance your physique.

Behind-the-Neck Barbell Press

Significant muscle mass gain is unlikely without well-developed shoulders. The barbell behind-head press is a key exercise for increasing muscle mass, engaging various upper body muscles such as the biceps, neck, shoulders, upper abs, and upper back. This exercise contributes to overall upper body strength and size enhancement.


Initially challenging, chin-ups become more manageable with practice, and the impact of completing ‘three sets of five’ becomes evident.

These exercises are among the most effective for weight gain. However, achieving your desired results necessitates full-body training. Engaging all muscle groups facilitates hormone release throughout the body, simplifying the process.