5 gentle exercises you can do while in bed after knee replacement surgery

Here are five straightforward exercises you can perform in bed after undergoing knee replacement surgery.

5 gentle exercises you can do while in bed after knee replacement surgery
5 Exercises You Can Practice In Bed After Knee Replacement Surgery

Undergoing knee replacement surgery can be painful, but remaining sedentary is not an option. Physical activity is crucial for overall health, not just weight loss. Being inactive can lead to various health issues. While it may be challenging to start moving immediately after surgery, it’s important to begin gradually. Here are five gentle exercises you can perform in bed with minimal movement. However, we recommend consulting your physiotherapist and surgeon before starting any exercise routine. Let’s explore these simple in-bed exercises for post-knee replacement surgery recovery.

Exercising in Bed Following Knee Replacement

Below are several essential exercises to perform following knee replacement surgery:

1. Pillow Knee Press

Here’s a straightforward exercise requiring minimal movement, utilizing only a pillow. Follow these steps to perform a knee press with a pillow and help mobilize your ankles:

  • Place a pillow beneath your knee.
  • Press the back of your knee into the pillow, then release.
  • Repeat this sequence for 10 repetitions.

2. Lifting Knee Press

Lifting Knee Press

The knee press with lift represents an advanced iteration of the knee press pillow exercise. Proceed gradually, maintain stability, and ensure you don’t strain your knee.

  • Position a pillow beneath your knees.
  • Press the backs of your knees into the pillow.
  • Flex your feet by bending them at the ankles.
  • Raise your foot slightly, then release.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions.

3. Straight Leg Lift with Knee Press

Straight Leg Lift with Knee Press

Grab a pillow, position it under your knee, and let’s begin. The knee press with straight leg lift offers another approach to the knee press pillow exercise, aiding in knee mobility post-surgery.

  • Take a pillow and place it beneath your knees.
  • Gradually lift your leg upward as far as possible.
  • Ensure no bending occurs in your knees during the lift.
  • Hold your leg in the raised position for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly lower your leg and return to the resting position.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions.

4. Pillow Ankle Press

A straightforward yet impactful exercise that involves ankle movements without lifting your leg.

  • Position a pillow under your ankle.
  • Press into the cushion while flexing your foot.
  • Tighten your knee and draw your kneecap towards you, then release.
  • Repeat these steps to complete 10 repetitions of the exercise.

5. Theraband Hamstring Stretch

Theraband Hamstring Stretch

Get a Theraband, position it under your leg, and perform this hamstring stretch. This exercise is gentle and involves controlled movements.

  • Take a Theraband and place it on your foot.
  • Hold the band, bringing your elbows close to your chest.
  • Flex your foot and straighten your leg.
  • Stretch the Theraband, holding the stretch for 20 seconds, then release.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions.

Maintain fluid movements without sudden jerks. These exercises are gentle and avoid abrupt motions. However, it’s still advisable to consult your surgeon and therapist for personalized advice as they understand your condition best.