4 Foods that Trigger Cravings and Contribute to Weight Gain

Many individuals often overlook the fact that their food cravings are frequently influenced by unhealthy food choices.

4 Foods Triggering Your Cravings And Making You Gain Weight
4 Foods Triggering Your Cravings And Making You Gain Weight

How often do you find that your food cravings intensify after a cheat day? It’s a common occurrence, especially when indulging in your favorite foods.

While hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet are essential for weight loss, managing cravings presents one of the toughest challenges. We all experience cravings, typically for comfort foods. However, indulging these cravings can lead to increased calorie intake and negatively impact metabolism.

Interestingly, many of our cravings stem from poor food choices made during cheat meals. So, if you’re heading out for brunch, here are four foods to steer clear of.

1) Fried Foods

Fried foods pose multiple challenges for our health. Not only are they calorie-dense, but they also contain excessive amounts of unhealthy oils, sodium, and saturated fats, all of which can trigger cravings. The high sodium content in fried foods often leads to weight gain the following day by causing bloating and water retention. Additionally, fried foods are difficult for our bodies to digest, often lingering in the stomach for extended periods, which can contribute to inflammation.

2) Simple Carbs

Regardless of the dietary approach you select, whether it’s keto or carb cycling, the emphasis is on reducing carbohydrate consumption. Carbohydrates are a vital macronutrient for our bodies, yet they come in two main forms: simple and complex. Simple carbs, such as white bread, pasta, burgers, and pizza, cause rapid spikes in insulin levels, leading to weight gain, and they’re quickly digested, leaving us feeling hungry sooner. Conversely, complex carbs are a healthier option as they are slowly released in the body, avoiding insulin spikes. A simple rule to distinguish between good and bad carbs is that simple carbs are typically white, while complex carbs tend to be brown. So, when dining out, opt for choices like brown rice salad or whole wheat pasta to ensure a better carbohydrate balance.

3) Bakery Products

Every bakery item you indulge in, be it cookies, doughnuts, or cakes, is laden with simple carbs and rich in sugar content. Sugar has the tendency to trigger specific brain chemicals, leading to increased cravings for more. Additionally, sugar often comes in white forms, emphasizing the importance of reducing consumption of white foods and opting for darker alternatives whenever possible.

4) Packed Juices

While fruit juice is often perceived as a healthy choice, many packaged juices contain ingredients that can trigger cravings. These juices also lack fiber, which can lead to increased hunger after consumption. Furthermore, they are often deficient in nutrients and contribute to a higher calorie intake. Opting for freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juice without preservatives is the best option if you desire juice.

Many cravings are merely illusions or a result of dehydration. So, when you experience a craving, try drinking a glass of water and waiting for 10 minutes. You might be surprised to find that your desire for comfort food dissipates.