4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms While Seated

Engaging in seated exercises presents an excellent opportunity to make productive use of your downtime by benefiting your body. So, why not take advantage of it?

4 Arm-strengthening Moves You Can Do While Sitting
4 Arm-strengthening Moves You Can Do While Sitting

In today’s world, there’s a heightened emphasis on maintaining fitness, with numerous avenues to achieve this goal. Having strong, healthy arms can be a source of pride; they’re a feature many enjoy flaunting. The reality is, nobody desires slender arms, which is why arm training is a focal point for many. For those inclined to be less active, arm exercises might seem daunting. However, it’s worth noting that arm exercises can be incorporated into seated routines. Engaging in exercises while sitting offers a convenient means to make productive use of idle time, benefiting one’s body. So, why not take advantage of this approach? What better way to sculpt and tone your arms than by exercising while seated?

4 Arm-strengthening Moves You Can Do While Sitting

All you need for these exercises is a resistance band. Here, we present some of the most effective arm exercises that can be performed while seated. These routines are guaranteed to add definition and personality to your arms, so be sure to give them a try.

Drawing a Blade

The very first arms exercise for you when sitting down is this, and of course you require a resistance band. For this you would require to sit on one end of the band and then cross it to the body, thereby holding the other end. You are required to reach out to the holding arm up and out, much like you are pulling a sword. During the extension of your arm, you need to be sure that your wrist is straight. Then finally you have to resist the arm back down, thereby passing your shoulder and ending it at the hip. This exercise is a quintessential sitting down exercise that is sure to shape up your arms.


This exercise also falls into the category of seated exercises. Begin by sitting on the band, ensuring it’s under your backside, and hold the end of the band for resistance. Keep your elbow and wrist in a straight line at shoulder height, with your palm facing down. Resist the urge to move your hand towards your body; instead, with your arm bent, draw your elbow out to the side. Return to the starting position and repeat. This movement is highly effective, but it’s crucial to execute it correctly and maintain tension in the band throughout.


In another seated exercise, grasp one end of the resistance band and turn your palm towards your body, forming an L shape with your arm. Pay attention to this positioning. In the liberty exercise, extend your fingertips upward toward the ceiling, gradually reaching the band and extending your arm straight up with your elbow in front of you. As your arm moves upward, focus on pulling your shoulder back and down. This seated exercise is excellent for targeting your biceps and enhancing arm strength.

External rotation

Here’s another seated exercise: Sit on the resistance band with it under your backside, and grasp the band on the opposite side. Hold onto this side of the resistance band and raise your palm upward towards the ceiling, ensuring your elbow remains locked into your sides. Next, rotate the band and your hand outward, opening your shoulder while keeping it relaxed and down. This movement helps target and strengthen the shoulder muscles effectively.