10 Tips for Parents to Ensure Children Stay Safe and Healthy This Diwali

The festive season is upon us, and Diwali brings great excitement for kids. Here are a few essential parenting tips to keep in mind.

10 Parenting Tips To Ensure Kids Remain Safe And Healthy This Diwali
10 Parenting Tips To Ensure Kids Remain Safe And Healthy This Diwali

“As preparations for Diwali begin, it can be challenging to balance all the tasks while ensuring your children’s health. However, as the festival approaches, it’s important to consider various factors to make your Diwali fulfilling. Children eagerly anticipate and celebrate this festival with immense excitement and joy. To sustain their energy and ensure their safety and responsibility, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Expert Advice from Pediatrician Dr. Anshul Mehta from Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida:”

Easy Ways to Care for Your Kids This Diwali

1. Ensure Supervision: Avoid Leaving Kids Unattended During Diwali Celebrations

Children, especially those under 3 years old, are prone to exploring and putting objects in their mouths. During Diwali, with the presence of crackers, candles, oil lamps, and other potentially harmful items, it’s crucial to supervise them closely. Educate them about the dangers associated with fireworks and scented candles, emphasizing the risk of injury if they touch or handle these items. Preventing them from accessing such items can help avoid potential health problems, including eye and other injuries.

Ensure Supervision: Avoid Leaving Kids Unattended During Diwali Celebrations

2. Handle Crackers with Caution: Important Precautions for Burning Firecrackers

It’s recommended to be present while burning crackers with your children. Even when handing them simple firecrackers like sparklers (fooljhari), ensure you hold their hands securely to prevent slipping or getting too close to the flame. Encourage them to maintain a safe distance from larger fireworks such as rockets and Diwali bombs to avoid any potential accidents.

3. Light Oil Lamps Safely: Tips for Careful Handling During Diwali

While oil lamps may seem harmless, they pose risks to children, especially if placed in passageways, near curtains, or in frequently visited areas. Children may inadvertently get too close to the lamps or accidentally spill the oil onto fabric, increasing the risk of fire. Additionally, electrical lighting should be securely taped and laminated for added precaution and safety.

Light Oil Lamps Safely: Tips for Careful Handling During Diwali

4. Limit Sweets and Food Display: Managing Diwali Treats Safely

It’s crucial to keep excess sweets and food items away from children during Diwali. With tempting dishes abound, there’s a risk of overeating and consuming unnecessary calories, which can adversely affect children’s health. Moreover, Diwali foods are often high in calories and may contribute to elevated cholesterol levels. Many children experience digestive issues and discomfort after Diwali due to excessive consumption of sweets and foods. Therefore, it’s important to monitor their intake and limit access to these treats.

5. Keep a Bucket of Water Handy: Essential Safety Measure for Diwali Celebrations

To avert potential accidents, it’s advisable to have a bucket of water readily available during Diwali. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed numerous cases of burns among children and adults due to fireworks or oil lamps. Having a bucket of water nearby can effectively mitigate the severity of burns and other injuries, safeguarding against potential health risks.

6. Ensure appropriate attire

Many parents overlook the importance of choosing fabrics that are suitable and gentle on their children’s skin, opting instead for flashy attire. However, it’s crucial to avoid fabrics that are not skin-friendly. Additionally, ensure that your children’s clothing isn’t excessively loose-fitting. This precaution is important to prevent any accidents when they handle fireworks or oil lamps, as loose clothing may come into contact with flames. So, while it’s acceptable for children to wear fancy outfits like lehngas and kurta pajamas, encourage them to change into snug-fitting clothes before engaging in activities like lighting fireworks.

7. Maintain vigilance over the surroundings

Children can sometimes be mischievous, leaving various items strewn about. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure everything is in its proper place. It’s especially important to keep fireworks, lighting, and other flammable objects out of reach of children. The storage area for these Diwali items should be well-ventilated and secure, minimizing any potential hazards.

8. Consideration for Noise and Smoke Sensitivity

Diwali festivities often involve the widespread tradition of setting off fireworks, generating loud noise and smoke that can pose risks to children’s health. Children’s ears are more sensitive than adults’, making them particularly vulnerable to the loud sounds produced by crackers. To safeguard their hearing, it’s advisable to place cotton balls in their ears to mitigate any adverse effects.

Consideration for Noise and Smoke Sensitivity

Smoke is another concern during Diwali celebrations, emanating from the burning of lamps, crackers, and other flammable items. Exposure to excessive smoke can lead to various health issues in children, including nausea, headaches, and an increased risk of asthma or lung infections. To minimize these risks, it’s essential to keep children at an optimal distance from sources of smoke and loud noises, thereby reducing their exposure.

9. Avoid re-igniting crackers

Above all, ensure that children do not handle crackers themselves; adults should be responsible for their placement and ignition. If a cracker fails to ignite initially, refrain from attempting to relight it, especially not by children. There’s a risk of explosion, which could result in burns. Discourage children from playing with crackers, and avoid taking risks yourself, as this may inadvertently encourage them to engage in unsafe behavior.

10. Wear appropriate and sturdy footwear

Ensure your children wear suitable footwear during Diwali festivities. Many children may not know how to tie their shoelaces properly, which can lead to accidents. Opt for footwear without loose laces or attachments that could pose a tripping hazard. Additionally, prioritize comfort over style when selecting footwear for your children. Comfortable shoes will not only boost their energy but also reduce the risk of foot-related skin issues.