10 Exercises Using Only Your Body Weight

Unlock the potential to enhance muscle strength and size with bodyweight exercises. Explore a compilation of ten effective bodyweight exercises that are convenient to perform wherever and whenever you desire.

10 Body Weight Exercises
10 Body Weight Exercises

In today’s context, both men and women are keen to discover the most effective bodyweight exercises to assist them in shedding pounds and sculpting their bodies concurrently. Bodyweight exercises are designed to enhance muscle strength and size, catering to individuals striving for optimal fitness.

10 Body Weight Exercises

1. Handstand Pushups

Performing a handstand pushup begins with positioning yourself a few inches from the wall, ensuring your legs are straight and aligned parallel to the wall. Maintain a forward-facing stance as you lower your body with controlled movements, avoiding any relaxation. Once your head touches the ground, exert ample strength to return to the initial position, ensuring to engage your muscles without straining your neck or back.

2. One Arm Push Up

The handstand pushup is an intense exercise targeting the triceps and shoulders, making it suitable for individuals already engaged in regular exercise routines rather than beginners. To execute it, position one arm behind your back and face towards the floor, lifting your midriff and holding for 10 seconds before slowly lowering your chest to the floor. It’s crucial to maintain stability throughout and avoid jerky movements to perform this exercise effectively.

3. Pulling yourself up by gripping a door

This exercise is a common household pulling workout that can be done using any sturdy or stable door to ensure safety. Begin by opening the door halfway and placing a towel over the top to prevent slipping caused by sweat. With your hands on the towel, simply hang off the door and pull yourself towards it. Aim to complete at least 10 repetitions as a beginner, ensuring your chin reaches over the top of the door with each pull.

4. Performing a squat while balancing on one leg

The single-leg squat is renowned as one of the most effective leg exercises. Begin by holding one leg in your arms, extending your arms parallel to the floor, and maintaining forward gaze throughout. Lower your body weight onto one leg and sustain the position for 30 seconds. This exercise targets your buttocks, abdomen, and chest muscles.

5. Knee Jump

To target your hamstrings, begin by kneeling on the ground with your feet flat and your buttocks resting on your calves. Keep your gaze forward at all times and swing your arms back and forth.

6. Headstand Leg Raise

Fold a towel and position it on the floor. Touch the floor with your palms and gradually lift your legs off the ground. Distribute your body weight onto your arms with your head resting on the towel. This exercise applies significant pressure to your entire body, so it’s important to ensure you have experience with exercising before attempting it.

7. Inverted Rows

This is a variation of the barbell row exercise. With knees extended and feet grounded, elevate your feet on a box. Pull your upper body towards your knees, engaging the muscles of your back and arms.

8. Performing an abdominal rollout exercise using a stability ball

Grasp a medium-sized stability ball with your hands clasped. Inhale and engage your abdominal muscles, then lean forward and roll your hands along the ball. This exercise is excellent for stretching and is best incorporated either before or after weightlifting sessions.

9. Burpee

This exercise is a full-body movement commonly utilized in aerobic training. Begin by standing straight, then drop into a squat position. From there, extend your feet into a front plank position, and then return to the squat position before transitioning back to an upright stance.

10. Mahler Body Blaster

This exercise engages all muscles in your body, and completing 25 sets will leave you feeling exhausted. Begin by standing up straight and looking ahead. Perform a full squat, then roll back half of your body until your feet touch the floor behind your head. Follow this with arm push-ups. Stand back up and repeat the sequence. Completing 5 circuits of this workout will help strengthen your body significantly.